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Tips for Using the Blog

To use this site, click a link in the Navigation section on the right to see the related information.  

Questions about the website, e-mail Stacey Hoover at   Please put IRE Website in the subject box.

To Send Web Page Update Information:
Please send pertinent updates to for inclusion on the webpage.  You may send information in “Word” or “PDF” format.  “Excel” can be used but will be converted to PDF.  Please proof read and ascertain the accuracy of your information prior to submission.  Mrs. Hoover can not be responsible for proofing any documents.  If you can place the information in a “flyer “ type format that is preferred, but basic information can be accepted and posted as well.  Please indicate the “Category” you would like the submission to be posted in.  Be aware that the home page will reflect the posting most recently received.  The posting will remain in the selected Category also in order of most current.  You should also advise as to when the posting should be removed!