Harvest Parties

harvestFriday, October 28

On Friday, Indian Run will have our annual Harvest Day celebration.  If you are new to Indian Run, this is a fun time for students to dress up and celebrate the fall season!

If your child would like to dress up, he or she is welcome to do so. However, students should NOT wear costumes to school on Friday morning, but rather bring them to school in a bag/backpack. Students will have time to put on costumes prior to the costume parade in the afternoon. Please keep in mind costumes should be school appropriate, nothing too scary, and easy to put on. If students do not want to dress up, that’s fine too — costumes are not required. After the parade, students will head back to classroom for their Harvest Party.

Our school costume parade will begin at 2:10pm. Parents are welcome to attend the parade and gather in the gym at 2:00pm. If you choose to come, you do not need to come to the office, but instead directly go into Door #2 and wait for us in the gym.

The classroom Harvest Parties will begin immediately after the parade (around 2:30pm). Parents that are volunteering for the parties will come in to the building at 2:00pm and go to the classrooms. Please, parent volunteers only at the parties. Parents who wish to see their child dressed up can do so in the gym during the parade. Thank you for your cooperation!

After the party, students will go home on the bus as usual. Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions.


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